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AI Models

Tailored data modelling for new business frontiers

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Data Modeling

What is an AI Model

Creating an AI-based Model is a process of data definition (also extracted from texts, images, videos), entities and patterns recognition to use in specific business sectors. We can imagine Data Modeling as the next step to Data Governance to create tangible value through the data-driven development of products and services, the forecasting of future trends, consumption, purchases, risks, maintenance and procurement needs. Being data-driven allows organisations to cut costs, increase productivity and revenues by basing business strategies on accurate and easily interpretable information.
However, in order to make a data driven company, it is necessary to first model the data so that it is aligned with business objectives.

Why start a Data Modeling programme?

Data Modeling is a very important activity, because it creates the right conditions to proceed to the activation of data and its correct visualisation, such as reports, analysis, forecasts and graphs.
Through an AI Model you determine what types of data to collect, how to organise them and how to activate them to get the answers you want.

Combining different data (structured and unstructured, internal and external, traditional and alternative) in a data lake is the distinctive skill of the 3rdPlace Data Science team. With smart, transparent and scalable analysis models based on our framework of Artificial Intelligence, we allow organizations to open new business frontiers and quickly obtain competitive advantages, after only three months from the start of projects.

The advantages of Data Modeling

Obtaining strategic information

Ability to make business choices based on precise data

Clarity of information

Significantly reduced time to access information

More effective optimisation of business processes

Case studies

Artificial Intelligence for document analysis

Artificial Intelligence for document analysis 960 640 3rdPlace

How to use first-party data: Italo case study

How to use first-party data: Italo case study 1024 706 3rdPlace

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