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The power of an actionable Customer Data Platform, with the quality of First-Party Data and the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence.

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The predictive marketing platform, based on first-party data and AI

DataLysm is a predictive marketing solution based on Artificial Intelligence and first-party data that enables you to have a unified view of your users / customers and engage them with personalized actions across all business touchpoints.

DataLysm unlocks the great potential of first-party data by analyzing, integrating and activating a large amount of information collected by the company across its owned channels, both digital and physical.

Get a unified profile of your customers

With DataLysm you have a unified view of your customers thanks to the union of data from all business touch-points, both online and offline. In the platform, behavioral, transactional and personal data are aggregated in full respect of privacy.

These are the First-Party Data that, through DataLysm, allow you to have a constantly updated overview of your customers and to activate personalized marketing actions on the right channel at the right time.

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Create personalized experiences

Create highly personalized browsing and purchasing experiences, displaying specific content on different channels at each stage of the journey. With DataLysm you can identify the visitors with the highest value for your business and engage them with methods, offers and content in line with their needs.

You can send personalized messages on the website, in the chatbot or take advantage of the integration with the main advertising and email-marketing platforms for personalized marketing activities. This will allow you to maximize conversions and retain your customers.

Cluster your visitors based on their interests

With DataLysm you can segment your visitors based on their granular interests, so you can show products and solutions consistent with their preferences.

DataLysm allows you to categorize interests up to 3 levels deep, for example you can split users interested in books like this: Books > Cooking Books > Thai Cooking Books.

Identify visitors who will buy your products in advance

DataLysm’s AI and predictive capabilities allow you to segment users based on the likelihood that they will purchase specific products or subscribe to your services.

This allows you to focus your marketing efforts primarily on high propensity segments, which statistically have a conversion rate about 3-5 times higher than the average site and generate on average 18%-25% of revenue.

Prevent customer abandonment

DataLysm assigns each customer a risk index related to the possibility that they will leave a specific service.

This allows you to quickly implement the appropriate retention actions, such as proposing an offer, a discount code or a complimentary period of stay.

Find out which marketing activities are most effective

DataLysm automatically classifies your customers into 4 categories, highlighting those with a higher Life-Time-Value, so you can target your marketing & sales efforts on the most profitable customers.

You can also evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns by identifying those that generated the highest value customers. This allows you to manage your marketing investments in a more effective way.

Convert your website visitors into business opportunities

DataLysm allows you to identify the companies your website visitors work for, giving you the ability to trigger customized marketing actions on a company-by-company or industry-wide basis.

Moreover, with the integration to your CRM, you can automatically enrich the profile of each user with additional information and predict their value with increasing accuracy.

Datalysm= Customer Data Platform + Marketing Predittivo + Marketing Automation = Customer Intelligent Platform

How do we activate data to generate value?

DataLysm is unique

Machine Learning at the service of business: actionable insights, not data to evaluate

Real customer centricity: personalized experiences, at the right time, on the right channel or touchpoint

Much more than a turnkey solution: intelligent technology and a team of experts to facilitate rapid increases in results

Quick and easy deployment: no impact on your internal IT team

Complementary to advanced web analytics systems: can be activated even without installing the corresponding pixel if you already have e.g. Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics

Not a «Black Box»: you have full control over your data

Case studies

How to use first-party data: Italo case study

How to use first-party data: Italo case study 1024 706 3rdPlace

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