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DataLysm is the predictive marketing platform based on first-party data and AI, that unifies all the customer data, predicts behaviors and automatically enables more effective marketing activities.

Augmented Intelligence, Amplified Performance

Today the customer is the true king of the shopping experience and companies must be able to catch, and even anticipate, their needs. But in a responsible way, that is respecting his will and sensitivity.
Following the new privacy regulations and cookieless policy, companies can no longer ignore the collection, integration, algorithmic analysis and activation of first-party data. It is necessary to have a complete and unified view of users / customers from all the channels and touchpoints (physical, digital, telephone, chatbot, …), it is necessary to profile them granularly by interests, identify clusters to be served better and before the others on the basis of the propensity to buy, alert systems are essential to signal anomalies or sudden changes in the trend of business metrics in real time.
This new intelligence must be immediately actionable through personalized messages on the website, email marketing and relevant advertising.
DataLysm has affordable costs even for smaller companies, as they are based on website and app hits.
DataLysm easily integrates into any CMS or custom platform without impacting IT teams. A few simple steps and DataLysm begins to learn the distinctive elements of the visitors, in compliance with the new privacy regulations.
DataLysm is not a DMP because it uses Artificial Intelligence, it automatically transforms data into value-added segments and does not cost as a DMP.



Thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, it accurately predicts the future behavior of those who visit company assets and suggests segments of customers and users with high / medium / low probability to generate business for the company.

The prediction takes place through the prior users profiling and clustering by the machine, based on a very high number of variables (more than 1,000 in the case of e-commerce business). It is quantitatively evident that this is a calculation volume that would not be humanly sustainable in any way. The variables are not simply the traditional ones such as “the number of clicks” and “time spent on the site”, but also “alternatives” suggested by the machine such as the number of products added to the shopping basket in the previous days without buying, the number of visits in the evening, the use of the internal search engine.
Clusters are synchronized daily in analytics and marketing systems for their direct use.

For example, for a company in the Travel sindustry the Prediction module has favored the increase in booking rate on highly profitable routes, intercepting clusters of travelers with a high propensity to purchase and allowing to activate customized promotions and campaigns, thus optimizing also the marketing budget.

After just three months, the high-propensity segments predicted by DataLysm reach a conversion rate that is even 5 times higher than the previous average and generate a significant increase in turnover.

Ideal for companies in all sectors.

Business Case ITALO: Data lake for prediction and Marketing Automation

Business Case IBS.it: how to use AI to lower marketing costs and increase conversions

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2. Segment

It identifies the granular interests and the profiles of website and app visitors and automatically creates clusters of users with the same characteristics (so-called personas). The clusters are immediately actionable.

The interests are those specific to the contents and products of the single website or app, not just the generic ones based on the IAB standard, as is the case in traditional web analytics systems. The latter also need specialists who convert data into insight.
In a music webshop for example, it is particularly easy with DataLysm’s Segment to capture the interest of individual users for the vinyls in the disc category and on the basis of this communicate to those directly involved and maybe decide to create a level vinyl category. higher.

The DataLysm Segment module therefore makes easy to show the right message or content to the right customers, thus maximizing the return of advertising and content marketing activities.

It is automatically integrated with the main marketing platforms (eg Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Adform).

It is also possible to integrate CRM and email marketing to reach maximum power.

Ideal for companies with multi-product e-commerce and multi-disciplinary publishers.

3. Alert

In real time it detects critical issues or opportunities with respect to strategic KPIs (i.e. drop in traffic and sales in a specific hour or day, increase in referrals from social media) and immediately alerts via email, so as to allow timely analysis and/or corrective action.

Ideal for companies in all sectors.


With DataLysm you can boost conversions activating the best persuasion strategy for every user/customer segment.

You can drive personalized experiences both on-site (popup, chatbot) and off-site (intelligent email marketing and advertising).

Win new business. Increase retention.


Machine Learning to serve the business: actionable insight and not data to evaluate

Real Customer Centricity : personalized experiences, at the right time, on the right channel or touchpoint

Much more than a turnkey solution: intelligent technology and a team of experts to facilitate the rapid increase in results

Quick and easy installation: no impact on your internal IT team

Complementary to advanced web analytics systems: it is activated even without the installation of the relative pixel if you already have, for example, Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics

It is not a «Black Box»: you have full control over your data


DataLysm is compliant with the latest European regulations in terms of privacy.We certify the gathered data by applying the blockchain as a timestamp and guaranteeing secure and non-manipulable information.


DataLysm is compliant with the latest European regulations in terms of privacy.
We certify the gathered data by applying the blockchain as a timestamp and guaranteeing secure and non-manipulable information.


Thanks to DataLysm a Mass Market Retail firm has INCREASED ITS CONVERSION RATE ON WEBSITE BY 8%, following a personalised promotional campaign focused on a specific customer target.

An immediate answer to the most frequent questions: read FAQ.

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    Frequent questions

    DataLysm is the 3rdPlace data platform that, thanks to the underlying Artificial Intelligence technology, allows you to know more deeply and anonymously who interacts with a specific site or app to activate targeted marketing actions accordingly.
    DataLysm is therefore an intelligent solution that makes it easy:
    1\ identify users’ interests related to the website’s content,
    2\ segment automatically users into clusters with similar characteristics (e.g. users close to conversion, users interested in a product, technology-savvy users),
    3\ predict users behaviour,
    3\ be notified in real time of the significant variation of the most important KPIs related to the website and app.

    DataLysm is a union of the word data + acronym LYSM (love you so much)

    DataLysm describes interests and user behaviour on a specific website or app. in contrast with Google Analytics,
    DataLysm uses a set of more granular and specific interests in the website content. Moreover, Google Analytics highlights generic interests based on a standard IAB, while DataLysm draws attention to the specific user interests related to the navigated website.

    By inserting a script javascript (pixel) through a tag management tool or by copying the script in the header of the pages to be tracked.

    Of course. The pixel can be removed from the digital assets anytime.

    Yes, if the client gives us the access to a tag manager.

    Yes, it entirely respects the regulation; in detail we make sure that the solution is in line with the following requirements: the right of data probability, the right to be forgotten, privacy by design (infrastructure was designed to guarantee privacy if gathered data), data breach notification (in case of an attack or data theft we notify the privacy guarantor).

    A customer intelligence dashboard is provided, the automatically identified customer/user clusters are synchronized daily in the analytics and marketing systems for their direct use. On request we can develop a Segment Analysis Report. The subscription of the Alerting module generates emails with reference to the dashboard to verify the negative or positive anomalies detected.

    DataLysm is based on a web platform, accessible through login and password. Yes, we allow multiple accounts.

    Daily. Today I have a view of the website performance by looking at data registered until yesterday.

    In a format that is most convenient for the client, e.g. Excel or CSV.

    It is not a ”simple” DMP since it is smart – it learns, predicts and offers actions by using Artificial Intelligence coming from machine learning algorythms. Its value is linked to websites and apps, to the contents and the interests showed by clients/users and so not just to the advertising audiences. It can be enriched or enrich the already existing DMP of the client.

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