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The importance of Data Governance

In the post-Covid era, rapid decision-making has become crucial in every industry, so Data Governance & Analytics activities are now essential to survive in the current competitive landscape.

The data tells us that while investments are increasing, companies are not able to use data for growth strategies and marketers are not always able to measure the ROI of data analytics activities.

The main reasons for this are poor data quality and an inability to turn insights into action.

Main challenges for marketers

Recent legislation such as GDPR and the move by web giants to phase out the use of third party cookies has had a major impact on how data is collected and used.

Users’ journeys have become increasingly complex, unique and multi-device, and there is a growing awareness of privacy issues and a demand for control over their data.

In this context, companies must necessarily organise themselves in the collection, management and activation of first-party data in order to obtain greater knowledge of their customers in a multi-channel/device perspective, obtain reliable data and protect the privacy of their users.

A coordinated plan is needed to guide/implement choices about what data to collect, what to analyse and how to activate result-oriented actions.

Augmented Analytics: a new approach to data analysis

We are unique in the market because we combine advanced technologies and specialist skills with artificial intelligence models to accelerate and transform first-party data into business results.

Proper Data Governance is the necessary pillar for Augmented Analytics activities and starts from the company’s business objectives and then identifies the data needed to achieve them.

Our Data Governance solution

Data is a rich source of actionable information and its proper management can lead to great opportunities for rapid growth for any organisation. Just think of the decision-making processes and how managers can leverage data to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

The importance of Data Governance is growing and companies cannot do without it.  The increase in the number of business touchpoints, the development of the web, diverse social media and cloud-based technologies mean that data can be found across a vast amount of online and offline sources.



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