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Data Governance

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What is Data Governance

Data is a rich source of actionable information and its proper management can lead to great opportunities for rapid growth for any organisation. Just think of the decision-making processes and how managers can leverage data to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

Data Governance is the activity of an organisation in creating, collecting and organising data for a wide range of purposes.

Data Governance is strategic and produces value

AI-based solutions are playing an increasingly central role due to the increased need for first-party data. The collection and analysis of first-party data is becoming increasingly important in light of recent cookie-less initiatives.

Discover the potential of your data

Our Data Governance solution

The importance of Data Governance is growing and companies cannot do without it.  The increase in the number of business touchpoints, the development of the web, diverse social media and cloud-based technologies mean that data can be found across a vast amount of online and offline sources.

Failure to take advantage of these opportunities is tantamount to giving up important business opportunities, which is why it is essential to get organised now by embarking on a Data Management process that is in line with data protection regulations.

At 3rdPlace we use proprietary and third-party solutions and specialised skills to design data strategies and architectures, explode marketing activities in order to improve the user experience and improve company skills through a precise training programme. All with the aim of maximising business from a multi-channel perspective.



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