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Tools and services to analyze data, images, inpatient pathways and optimize therapies

Artificial Intelligence to support diagnostics

We analyse images from confocal and Raman microscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for neurological and cardiac diseases, Ultrasound (CT) scans, Ultrasound X-rays, and apply solutions of

  • Image Enhancing, to improve image quality by reducing the noise produced by instrumentation
  • 3D reconstruction to obtain an accurate 3D model by combining the images collected in layers
  • Marker measurement, to visualise the incidence of certain factors typical of the phenomenon under analysis and the
  • Classification & object detection, to recognise particular pathologies or elements of interest within the images under analysis.

RamApp is a graphical tool for the pre-processing of hyperspectral images, with a focus on the analysis of Raman maps. It speeds up data exploration for researchers by providing interactive and easy-to-apply steps.

Data-driven analysis of inpatient pathways

Using a data-driven approach, we are able to derive hospital pathway analyses from hospital data and identify causes of overlong stays of patients or patterns leading to a second admission

  • Generate benchmarking for early detection of anomalies relating to prolonged or extremely short stays
  • Identify causes and circumstances with a high probability of escalation to emergency situations
  • Enhance Lifestyle Coaching, identifying patient behaviours and habits that can speed up hospitalisation, such as diet, physical activities, stress management

Evaluation of efficiency factors and anomalies in delivered therapies

Our solution allows data from different sources to be brought together in a single data-lake: medical records, drugs used, medical staff involved, to

  • Streamline workflows and resources used, identifying patients who have been offered abnormal treatment
  • Optimise daily activities, resources and materials used, supporting management in decision-making by ranking success against future scenarios

Keep the patient at the core, with a more precise and scalable approach.

Health-Lake: a dedicated data-lake solution

A cloud-based data-lake solution specifically for the Life Science & Healthcare sector, which complements the existing data-warehouse by enabling advanced analysis using machine-learning algorithms, data exploration and data visualisation to

  • Analyze large volumes of diverse data such as images, video, text, sensors, IoT, databases, logs, DCS in real time
  • Provide advanced reporting and analysis in an agile and timely manner
  • Share data between colleagues or departments in a secure and compliant manner
  • Estimate future scenarios and optimise resource planning with reliable forecasts

Personalised Medicine

We use the historical data collected by the hospital to identify the most efficient treatment pathway for a given patient.

  • Clustering of similar patients;
  • Study to identify the most suitable protocols and therapies for the patient under analysis
  • Optimisation of post-operative recovery
  • Chronic Condition Decision Support: supporting the medical team in the care of chronic patients
  • Mobile App to track patient activities and collect feedback and symptoms

Our life science area projects financed from UE


The project aims to build next-generation microscopes that promise to revolutionise the study of the cellular origin of diseases.


The project develops new techniques, based on photonics and nanotechnology, for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease and abdominal surgery.


The project aims to innovate biomedical research to achieve real-time information on the development of organoids and the interactions between the tissues that form them.

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