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AI Solutions
for LDO

Machine Learning models to drive business decisions.

Solutions to improve the Supply Chain

Custom models to:

  • identify at which point of the logistics network you should keep each product – store warehouse, central warehouse, supplier – through the analysis of accepted delivery times
  • make 12-month sales forecasts for products with a sales history and products that have just been implanted in the range, in order to optimize supplies and support product managers in the selection of new products

Solutions dedicated to Marketing

Custom models to:

  • identify the types of customer projects carried out for every specific department and predict which customers are more likely to activate one in the immediate future, in order to enable upselling activities
  • calculate the degree of propensity of each customer to read the different types of email communications, based on their past activities and their specific characteristics, in order to increase their satisfaction by reducing unwanted spam
  • improve the quality of the data seen by customers both in physical stores and on digital channels, from the reporting of anomalous web titles to the creation of automatisms that populate the attributes of references built as bundles of other references

Customizable solutions to fully exploit the potential of data and improve performance in the large-scale retail business

Solutions for Digital Marketplaces

To identify poorly categorized products within the marketplace, in order to improve the customer experience and the marketplace ranking on search engines

Alternative Market Analysis

Nowadays, traditional market research methodologies are no longer able to provide adequate answers, due to limited or unavailable data, long lead times, high costs, inaccurate or partial insights.

  • Our Alternative Market Analysis solutions combine traditional statistical data with alternative data extracted from search engines, social networks, blogs, forums, e-commerce and satellite maps, plus data collected in the field through our mobile App and the support of local collaborators.
  • With more precise target metrics and rankings, and faster investigation times, we offer more relevant analytics to launch and test new products, internationalize, open new stores, identify innovative distribution and promotional channels or the most suitable influencers to collaborate with your company.

Find out how to apply a Machine Learning Model to your business