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Automatize banking & financial services and processes, boosting profitability and reducing costs.

AI is revolutionising the financial and banking industry

To survive in the 21st century, banks and financial institutions must adopt intelligent systems to exploit all types of data.

$1.2 Trillion

Financial industry investment in AI expected by 2035


AI market growth in finance between 2020 and 2025


Banks applying AI to the industry, worldwide

$447 Billion

Estimated aggregate cost savings for financial organisations by 2023, thanks to AI

To face the new challenges of the Industry, let data drive your business

Making AI systems responsible and trustworthy

The lack of trusted, good-quality information and specific security measures can generate privacy threats.

Making AI systems explainable and valuable

To remain compliant, minimize the risk of making bad business decisions and prove ROI.

Managing the convergence of AI with other technologies

The data center technologies used by financial organizations (virtual machines, shared drives, etc.) do not perform well on fast data / big data.

Training current employees to work with AI systems

To upskill risk and regulatory responsible, who often lack the needed skills to assess AI models’ impact.

AI creating new cyber threats

Data poisoning pollutes the training data to mislead the machine learning algorithm and render the output either obfuscatory or harmful.

Documental analysis

Our customizable solution to make customer onboarding more efficient and manage the entire analysis, control and processing process. From documents to automatic compilation in your management software, for accurate, clean and easy to operate data.

AI Model Services applied to banking and financial activities: a growing potential


Customer Churn Prevention

Apply deep neural network techniques to predict credit card defaults; identify up/cross-selling opportunities and score leads for maximum conversion rates

Next-Gen Due Diligence Process

Fasten & simplify M&A due diligence process virtualizing enormous volumes of paper documents and applying advanced analytics

Security and Risk Management

Evaluate the activity of users and other entities to discover anomalies that could indicate external security infractions

Cybersecurity is in our DNA

Cs-Aware and Cs-Aware Next are EU-funded projects where tech-companies, Universities and Research Centers collaborate against cyber attacks.

Together, they can take that step forward and improve incident detection, classification and visualization for public and private organizations.

3rdPlace is the tech engine of the consortium and it enables:

  • Data collection from both internal sources (eg. Server logs) and external (vertical sites, social media, supply chain database, etc.)
  • Advanced Data Analysis through AI in order to detect, classify and visualize cybersecurity incidents in real-time, supporting the prevention or mitigation of cyber attacks.

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