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Sella Personal Credit chooses AI by 3rdPlace

Marco Belmondo

3rdPlace, the AI Models of Datrix Group, developed an innovative solution for Sella Personal Credit to automate the reading, conversion and categorization of customer documents, speeding up the entire lending process.

Reduce credit times through Artificial Intelligence in managing the required documentation. This is the goal of Sella Personal Credit, the consumer credit company of the Sella Group, and in order to do so it has adopted innovative technologies that have automated the analysis of the necessary documents provided by future loaners, improving the process of onboarding and consequently reducing time to complete the disbursement operation.

In fact, Sella Personal Credit has chosen the Intelligent Document Processing solution developed by 3rdPlace and integrated it into the OCS information system. This technology, in addition to the automated reading of documents (texts, images, videos, audio messages, etc.), also to convert and organize documents into activable data for the whole the system, as well as integrating them with additional content from external sources. Furthermore, these innovative technologies allow the complete digitization of workflows (from reading and checking documents to reconciliation and approval), thus making back-office activities more efficient and eventually speeding up the whole lending process.

Meeting the needs of our customers and reducing the timing of credit supply is a fundamental objective for us – says Giorgio Orioli, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Sella Personal Credit – The adoption of the solution by 3rdPlace integrated in the OCS system works accordingly and, thanks to Artificial Intelligence technologies, allows us to optimize the management and analysis of the entire document flow“.

Artificial Intelligence is able to revolutionize document management in Banking – said Mauro Arte, General Manager of the Datrix Group – optimizing systems, generating productivity and efficiency“.

OCS is constantly looking for technological solutions capable of automating the consumer credit process, freeing up resources and creating value for its customers. The ongoing project with SPC and Datrix is a solid example of these intentions” declares Valentina Cianci, Head of Sales of OCS.