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More than 1.1 million euros of R&D projects since january 2022

Marco Belmondo

Since January 2022, four Datrix R&D projects in various fields of application of Artificial Intelligence have already been funded by the European Union and Italy. The latest is in the biomedical sector, for which the subsidiary 3rdPlace has been chosen to develop innovative deep-learning algorithms for the analysis of data collected from multi-dimensional medical images.

Important new feedback for Datrix (EGM ticker: DATA), leader in the development of Augmented Analytics solutions and services, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models for the data-driven growth of businesses.

3rdPlace, the Datrix Group tech company focused on building Artificial Intelligence models, has been awarded EU funding for a Horizon Europe project called CONcISE that aims to develop low-cost, non-invasive, highly reliable and accurate pre-screening solutions for use in breast cancer, thyroid cancer and ischemia diagnosis. 3rdPlace has been awarded the project together with an international consortium, which includes, for Italy, the Polytechnic of Milan and the National Research Council. The value of the funding is 260,000 euros over 3 and a half years, a period in which 3rdPlace has the task of developing innovative deep-learning algorithms for the analysis of medical images.

With this additional award, Datrix Group confirms its position at the forefront of frontier biomedical initiatives, where it had previously obtained funding for the OrganVision and Crimson projects.
Just three months after the beginning of 2022, the Group has already been awarded four R&D projects for more than 1,1 million Euros in different application areas: from biomedical (CONcISE), cybersecurity (CS-AWARE-NEXT, Eur 424,500 in 3 years), artificial intelligence attacks (CybersecH, Eur 98,130 in 1 year), to the development of a platform that allows people with visual impairments to listen to written content on paper through Amazon Echo and Google Home (OpenEYE, Eur 350,896 Euro in 1 and half year).

We are playing an increasingly leading role in Europe as evidenced by important awards, including financial, for our Research & Development activities, which allows us to develop and consolidate technologies and knowledge that we then apply to the business” – stated Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, CEO of Datrix -.

Image analysis is already applied by Datrix to documents (e.g. for the automation validation of banking/insurance practices), materials (e.g. in quality control in the manufacturing sector), maps (e.g. for opportunity detection in the energy sector).

“Thanks to Artificial Intelligence we will increasingly witness a process of contamination of disciplines, attitudes, methodologies and industrial sectors”, concluded Milano d’Aragona.

With regard to the CONcISE project, of which 3rdPlace is the company in charge of data analysis, the objective is to develop novel, unconventional techniques for multi-dimensional biomedical optical imaging for the detection and mapping of absorption, scattering, and fluorescence, in biological tissues using visible and near-infrared light.

“The possibility of detecting other dimensions like time and wavelength, together with space, dramatically improves the imaging and diagnostic power of biomedical devicescommented Matteo Bregonzio, CTO of Datrix Group. So far, this capability is strongly hampered by the fact that most of the biomedical instrumentation works to maximize the number of measurements (pixel, raster scans, …) regardless of the quality of the information collected. Through the CONcISE project, the biomedical imaging industry will be able to move towards the development of a new generation of devices, with an important impact on healthcare as well”.