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Andrea Ronchi is the new Principal of 3rdPlace (Datrix group)

Marco Belmondo

Entrepreneurial attitude and successful experience in artificial intelligence for the industrial world.

The development of Datrix, the tech group listed on Euronext Growth Milan (ticker DATA) and active in Artificial Intelligence solutions for the data-driven growth of companies, continues with the arrival of a Top Manager. Andrea Ronchi has joined the Group as Machine Learning Model Serving Area Owner and Principal of 3rdPlace, the tech company that represents the business unit.

Andrea Ronchi is a manager and entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in the Artificial Intelligence and energy markets industries. He has managed projects and divisions of large industrial groups (Lufthansa AirPlus, Falck Renewables) and led the launch and consolidation of successful start-ups based on technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

The brilliant results achieved so far allow Datrix to further strengthen the management. This was also recognized by CEO Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona during the recent approval of Datrix Group’s 2021 consolidated results, when he stated : "We are very satisfied with the results achieved in 2021. The numbers show our ability to extract synergies from acquisitions by combining technological expertise and market presence capabilities. We have strengthened our structure, invested in marketing and we are now flanked by leading professionals to support growth both organically and through acquisitions. The latest entry to strengthen our top management is that of Andrea Ronchi, who will play a key role in accelerating 3rdPlace‘s growth, at a time when companies of all sizes are accelerating investments in innovation and digital transformation, thus entering a mature phase of practical use of AI to support different business functions."

3rdPlace is the AI company, founded in 2010 by former senior managers at Google, that combines mathematical modeling, multidisciplinary skills and technology to extract knowledge from the data that make up phenomena and processes and to drive business decisions in order to generate concrete value for client companies. It was precisely 3rdPlace’s data scientists that started, developed and consolidated the data-driven software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, brought to market by Datrix vertical companies (FinScience, Bytek, PaperLit and Adapex). The same data scientists have ensured that 3rdPlace has also been chosen as the technological engine of 8 consortia awarded with European Union funds for important R&D projects on AI applied to biomedicine, cybersecurity and finance.

3rdPlace works with its client companies using a service model based on: numerical analysis of the phenomena involved, attention to holders of domain know-how and active involvement of people involved in the artificial intelligence innovations developed.

The solutions developed by 3rdPlace relate to one or more of the following seven methodologies.

  1. Forecasting: short, medium or long-term forecasts of phenomena, thanks to correlation analysis between variables that contribute to the description of the phenomenon itself.
  2. Predictive controllers: intelligent control systems that suggest the optimal setting of variables before the completion of the cycle of development of the phenomenon.
  3. Schedulers: high-level prediction and planning of the ideal production/organizational sequence, with the aim of reducing process execution times and saving resources.
  4. Computer Vision: analysis and extraction of information from images and vision systems, with high granularity and frequency, to transform a visual element into numerical data, analyzable with advanced mathematical techniques.
  5. Natural Language Processing: algorithms that understand human language, speeding up large-scale analysis and enabling human-machine conversational systems.
  6. RPA: development of algorithms for the automated execution of repetitive computer processes (also multi-platform) that do not require operator discretion, reducing the probability of error and execution time.
  7. Data Visualization: development of user-friendly systems for the analysis of complex data and the calculation of KPIs of interest.

3rdPlace also stands out in the market for its ability to bring value not only through AI-based analysis of proprietary company data, but also through the enriching integration of external and alternative data.

Andrea Ronchi commented on his appointment : "Joining the Datrix management team is an honor. In addition to proven technical skills, in the Group I have found the key ingredients for success in this industry: an approach based on human empowerment and a mature and contemporary way of doing business. This means having the ideal environment for accompanying client companies on transformative journeys that must keep the involvement of people impacted by new processes high. We operate in a complex industry, populated by technological giants and by aggressive and courageous start-ups. In order to leave our mark, we want to be open, inclusive and ready to welcome start-ups and scale-ups that embrace the idea of joining together to exploit the time advantage, which is critical in this industry, and be an active and incisive part of the change in our society".