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3rdPlace has been awarded the CS-AWARE-NEXT project funded by the European Union

Marco Belmondo

The Datrix Group company is the technological engine of the European consortium to develop machine learning models in the area of cybersecurity for the supply chains of manufacturing industries.

3rdPlace, a Datrix Group tech company that develops Machine Learning Models for the data-driven growth of companies, already active in the CS-AWARE project, has also been selected for “CS-AWARE-NEXT”, which focuses on the introduction of dynamic cybersecurity management for the supply chains of European companies operating in the manufacturing sector, promoting awareness, cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders in the supply chain.

3rdPlace will act as the technological engine of the international consortium composed of 21 partners from eight member states, including Finland, Estonia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Denmark, and coordinated by the University of Oulu in Finland.
The value of the funding for 3rdPlace is 424,500 euros. The Datrix Group subsidiary will provide its know-how in the development of machine learning models with the specific objective of improving IT security management in light of an increasing number of threats in the supply chain.

The application was submitted under the new Horizon Europe program and was successfully evaluated for all three dimensions related to excellence, impact and quality of implementation. The three-year project will cover important aspects of critical infrastructure protection and advanced techniques to ensure business continuity and recovery in the event of an incident. In addition to cybersecurity awareness aspects, aspects of cooperation and collaboration, socio-technical analysis, and risk and incident management will be addressed.

The three-year project CS-AWARE-NEXT is very relevant for the European legislation, especially in view of a greater integration of threat intelligence in operational cyber security management, which is why the use of advanced approaches and innovative artificial intelligence techniques is promoted.

Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, CEO of Datrix said:

“We are particularly proud to participate with our Artificial Intelligence solutions in the CS-AWARE-NEXT project, in collaboration with leading international research centers from 8 different countries. It is the demonstration that the advanced application of AI in a strategic area such as cybersecurity will be increasingly relevant for both the industrial and the public sector. Datrix, through its tech company 3rdPlace, specialized in machine learning model serving, wants to play an increasingly significant role in this context.
The multidisciplinary nature of the advanced data analysis systems in the 3rdPlace framework, which already sees us as protagonists in important frontier initiatives in the biomedical and financial field and now in cybersecurity, also represents a distinctive factor for the support we give our customers in the development of AI-based activities. It is through this extended automation and analytics capability that we are able to reduce response and production times, quickly providing customers with models for smart, transparent and scalable analytics”.