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Customer Centricity

Artificial Intelligence to transform your business in the digital era, because “there is no digital strategy, just strategy in a digital world” (Bud Caddell).

Customer centricity

An essential requirement to compete

The widespread omnichannel technology subject to necessary integration of virtual and physical channels and the possibility to connect from anywhere have changed the use of products and services, resulting in a shift of behaviour and expectations of the current and potential customers.

Businesses can no longer be product-oriented.
Customer is now the real protagonist of the purchase experience, expecting transparency, personalisation, rapidity, emotion, involvement and instant and future satisfaction.

The customer today expresses himself more easily and rapidly; this facilitates his interaction with businesses that, in return, need to understand and anticipate his current, short-term and latent needs with a proactive and long-term approach .

Needs should be identified where competition is weak and through a careful use of both quantitative and qualitative data based not on occasional research but an untainted, continuous feedback from current and prospective customers.

A business is more efficient when it identifies certain segments or specific clusters of valuable customers that can be served better than the others through the study of their habits, needs, interests and pre-purchase and post-purchase behaviour (the infamous customer journey).

Customer centricity is a 360° strategy implying a shift of sales & marketing internal and external processes that should be automated in a smartest way possible in order to: collect more online and offline data, remove the ‘noise’, conduct a more rapid analysis and prediction and take action.

An incredible amount of business data – internal or external and structured or unstructured – grow very rapidly and often uncontrollably, creating a lot of ‘noise’. The first step to understand how to extract value from the data is to isolate the most useful ‘signals’ defined as the smart data from the ‘noise’ through a mix of skills, technology and methodology. This is when AI comes to the aid.

Value does not hide behind any data but in the data subsets that, if identified, elaborated and analysed correctly, form a business asset from which derive concrete business actions. We will help you discover the weak signals worthy of amplification to make better decisions.


Internal data (CRM, website, corporate Facebook page…) and external data (competitors’ social media profiles, open data…).

Structured data (10%)
Unstructured data (90%)

Source: IDC 2012


Online every 60 seconds:
2 million Google searches, 2460 posts on Facebook, 278 thousand tweets, 83 thousand dollars of revenues on Amazon…

Source: Business Insider 2012


2012, 2.837 Exabytes of data
1,8 million GB of information created by each business, 4.1 million GB of information related to its practice.

2020, 40,026 Exabytes of predicted data

Source: IDC 2012


1 business leader on 3 does not believe in information used to make his decisions.

Poor data quality can cost up to 3.1 trillion USD.

Source: IBM US market 2012

Business objectives depend on digital objectives.

From correct monitoring to business actions.

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