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Tailored data modelling for new business frontiers

To make a company truly Data Driven, you must first align data with the business objectives.
Building a model based on Artificial Intelligence means you can organize different types of data – extracted from documents, texts, images, videos – and identify the relationships that unite them, applying it to your specific business sector for a specific purpose.
A data-driven approach allows you to create tangible value through products and services, the forecast of future trends, consumption, purchases, risks, maintenance and procurement needs, process automation.
Being driven by data means reducing costs, increasing productivity and revenues, because business strategies are based on accurate, reliable and easily activated information.

Methodologies we rely on


Short, medium or long-term forecasts of phenomena, thanks to correlation analysis between variables

Predictive controllers

Intelligent control systems that suggest the optimal setting of variables before the cycle of development is complete


High-level prediction and planning of the ideal production/organizational sequence, in order to reduce process execution times and save resources

Computer Vision

Analysis and extraction of information from images and vision systems, with high granularity and frequency, to transform a visual element into numerical data, analyzable with advanced mathematical techniques

Natural Language Processing

Algorithms that understand human language, speeding up large-scale analysis and enabling human-machine conversational systems


Development of algorithms for the automated execution of repetitive computer processes (also multi-platform) that do not require operator discretion, reducing the probability of error and execution time

Data Visualization

Development of user-friendly systems for the analysis of complex data and the calculation of KPIs of interest

Use data to grow your business and improve your operations

Why Data Modeling

Data Modeling through Artificial Intelligence is a crucial activity, because it creates the ideal conditions for displaying data correctly and activating it in the best possible way.

Creating an ad hoc model of machine learning involves establishing what types of data to collect, how to organize them and how to operate them to obtain the answers to the most diverse business questions.

Our Data Science team is responsible for combining and organizing data of different nature – structured and unstructured, internal and external, traditional and alternative – from different sources in a data lake specifically built to extract tangible value.

With smart, transparent and scalable analysis models based on our Artificial Intelligence framework, we support your company to open new business frontiers and quickly gain competitive advantages, after only three months from the start of projects.

Main advantages

  • Obtaining strategic and clear information
  • Business choices based on precise data
  • Significantly reduced time to access information
  • Optimisation of business processes

Use data to grow your business and improve your operations