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Intelligent document processing

A solution to make the entire process of managing practices more efficient, from analysis to data entry.

From documents to structured and actionable data

In a digital transformation scenario that most companies are facing, automating and digitizing repetitive processes is a priority.

The work of analyzing, approving documents and customer data-entry is very expensive and time consuming, still entrusted to people even if highly subject to human error, with a consequent waste of manpower and money.

Thanks to AI, our Intelligent Document Processing or Intelligent Document Management solution improves the accuracy of document analysis, while drastically reducing the time and cost of these business-critical actions – such as onboarding new customers.

See in the video above how 3rdPlace’s intelligent document management works

One solution for the entire process

Our solution automatically reads and controls documents, converts them into structured data, directly organizing them into the existing management system.

With a digitized and intelligent document workflow, every company is able to optimize its final decisions and offer customers faster answers and better user experiences.

Unlike the most common OCR services on the market, our solution fully manages the process: from the insertion of documents to the automatic compilation of the relevant fields, getting accurate and immediately actionable data.

Document analysis

It analyzes any type of document – from identity documents to pay slips – in any format.

Anti-fraud control

It carries out a security check, validating the document and ensuring that it has not been manipulated.

Extraction of values

It automatically extracts the required values, even from messy files or degraded quality scans.

Data entry

It accurately enters the data in the appropriate fields of the company management system.

Do you want to see how it works?

Find out how our solution can improve your performance.

A solution with a significant impact on the business and performances

For the company

  • drastically reducing costs and optimizing the process
  • increasing the quality of the data uploaded to the management systems
  • operating automatic anti-fraud checks

For employees

  • freeing resources from a repetitive and mechanical task, towards more rewarding activities

For the customers

  • speeding up the outcome of the practices
  • protecting their personal data and privacy (GDPR compliant)

You should choose this solution because


It adapts to your template needs, the fields you need to extract, your validation rules, and it is based on your processes.

Accurate and Performing

It extracts accurate data even from degraded files and enables them for intelligent analysis, in order to develop advanced RPA tools.


It integrates with the existing technological infrastructure, information systems and existing management tools – unlike “stand alone” products.

Case History

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