3rdEye AI

Assessing the risk of third party distributors

Analyse third-party resellers of your products

In an increasingly connected market scenario, promptly intercepting potential risks throughout the external sales network is a necessity to protect business results.

Along with your company’s direct activities, you should also consider the counterparties: business partners, distributors, resellers, agents. When resellers are third parties, your proprietary data is not enough to monitor their activities: you need to rely on alternative data collected from external sources.

3rdEye collects relevant alternative data and enhances it with AI, to support Risk Managers with specific insights, anticipating any critical situation in all third party stores that sell your products, reducing counterparty risk, maximising the success of omnichannel strategies.

Check the indirect distribution network, through AI and alternative data

Everyday 3rdEye analyzes thousands of reviews and news online about the stores, to score their risk level and facilitate the decision making process.

Content classification

Clustering contents in categories of interest (price, assortment, personnel, etc.). Filtering by retailer brand, time period, region, etc.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis of users who buy in stores by single category of interest.

Proprietary scores

Scoring individual retailers and indicating specific critical issues and opportunities for improvement.

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Find out how we can customize our solution to your business

Why 3rdEye AI


3rdEye easily adapts to your specific monitoring needs, with timely alerts on the activities of your distribution network.


3rdEye uses only relevant alternative data to measure the risk of the counterparties, eliminating the noise of “social listening” and focusing on sales.


3rdEye combines distributors risk factors, derived from alternative data, with business performance from sell-in data, for advanced analysis and more accurate forecasts.

See what customers see, in every store.

3rdEye allows you to see across the entire distribution network:

  • Real time alerts
    Through notifications that reach you directly by email, 3rdEye promptly alerts you to any critical issues of individual stores.
  • Analytics dashboard
    Through an intuitive platform, you can analyze specific trends and metrics on a daily basis, to anticipate risk factors.
  • Press review
    A complete overview, to understand what happens and what they say about the companies you are partnering with.