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We have developed Artificial Intelligence solutions to meet business needs through machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision. In addition to extracting proprietary data, we combine it with external alternative data, analyze it and activate it  to make you achieve yourobjectives more effectively.

A suite of customizable and scalable solutions: together, we identify the right questions to answer with data.


The solution to make the entire file processing process more efficient by automating reading, checking, analysis and data entry.

Let data guide your processes

With a huge experience across different sectors and a constantly evolving technological framework, we develop solutions that are easy to use and implement, integrating the potential of your proprietary data with the most relevant alternative data.

Machine learning applications

Customer analysis

CRM clustering, Lifetime value, Churn analysis, Demand forecast

Anomaly detection

Time series analysis, Outlier detection, Noise reduction

Image processing

Medical images pre-processing, Object detection, Object classification, OCR

Natural Language Processing

Entity extraction, Summarisation, Part of speech, Conversational user interface, Document Text classification, Sentiment Analysis Topic discovery and clustering

Predictive Analysis

Time series prediction, Behavior prediction, Intent prediction

Transfer Learning

Correlation between time series

Use data to grow your business and improve your operations