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3rdPlace is a data-driven tech company founded in 2010 by former senior Google managers, focusing on data governance & digital empowerment, data intelligence and data modeling solutions.

Through the use of AI proprietary technologies we collect, analyse and translate data related to customers/users into business insights that are useful to improve operational decisions, actions and results. In particular for:

  • acquisition of new online and offline customers and users,
  • retention of the existing ones,
  • market analysis targeting the launch of new products and/or the opening of new markets,
  • optimization of marketing costs,
  • improvement of scoring systems,
  • sales increasing by combining online and offline.

We are also a technology partner of the international consortiums SSIX and CS-Aware (European program Horizon 2020) to develop pioneering solutions related to the Social Sentiment Analysis and Cyber Security.

Thanks to our relevant Research & Development (R&D) investments and to our qualified professionals, we are an innovative SME, according to the Italian Law.

3rdPlace is part of Datrix group.

3rdPlace’s experience in the financial sector gave birth to the innovative FinScience startup to enable the Asset Management, Financial Consultancy, Investor Relations of listed companies, Financial Analysts, Family Office, Heads of Marketing and Sales, and ESG, CSR, SRI Managers to easily access the so-called Alternative Data that gather information from digital environments and create digital indicators to be compared with the financial ones.


Our clients
are protagonists of Retail, Finance, FCMG, Publishing, Fashion, Entertainment, Telecommunications sectors.

Our digital footprint

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Fabrizio Milano d'Aragona
Co-Founder & CEO

Fabrizio Milano d'Aragona

Former Top Manager at Google Italia where he took part in the start-up and the success of the Italian branch. Responsible for the team growth and the development of commercial relationships, he became in charge of the Retail, Fashion and Local sectors.

Passionate about new technologies and big devourer of political and economic essays, Fabrizio loves to spend his free time with his (for him always) small Luca and Simone. He adores all different shades of blue, in particular, the F.C. Napoli blue…

Claudio Zamboni
Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Claudio Zamboni

Worked at Google Italy as Head of the Education, Entertainment and Telecomms sectors, contributing to their vertical growth. Holds previous marketing (Tim.it) and sales (virgilio.it) experience as well as numerous collaborations as a propagator of technology and digital media. Between one bit and another, he dedicates himself to the family and dreams of soon going back to his diving and adventure travels.

Mauro Arte
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Mauro Arte

Master in Business Administration at Rome’s LUISS Guido Carli. Digital experience of almost 20 years – first at Ernst & Young, then at Excite Europe where he held the position of Sales & Marketing Director and eventually at Google Italia where, apart from being responsible for the commercial development of the Media & Entertainment sector, he held a leadership position at YouTube.

Mauro is married with two children to whom he dedicates his (unfortunately) little time, along with his great passion for the black and white colours of Juventus FC.

Pierluigi Vacca
Partner & Chief Product & Service Development

Pierluigi Vacca

After a 3-year experience with Google USA as a Search Quality Evaluator (analysis of website research and positioning to improve the Google algorithm) participates at the Google Italia start-up as responsible for key Italian and international accounts. Fond of any sound of music (silence included), collector of vinyl, obsessive film and TV series fan, in love with anything in the south of Italy.

Partner & Tech Sales Director

Cristiano Cirillo

Contributed to the success of Google Italia start-up by dedicating himself to business in the Fashion, Local and Retail sectors. In 2011 he was appointed Head of independent agencies in Italy and team leader. Illuminated by the beauty of the contemporary art and passionate about cars from birth, Cristiano loves to spend his spare time with family and long-term friends.

Alessandro Arrigo
Partner & General Manager at FinScience

Alessandro Arrigo

Decade-long experience in Strategic Digital Consulting. Creator of high-quality projects with an innovative, technology-related content to cover the most complex web marketing activities. He is currently also a co-founder and General Manager of FinScience. Lives between Milano and Ranzanico (BG), surrounded by women: wife and two daughters. Digital activist and passionate about TV series and papers on the future of the world. An incurable pessimist and an Inter F.C fan.

Marco Belmondo
Chief Marketing Officer

Marco Belmondo

Born in 1969 with origins in Ivrea. Worked in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and London. Debut in advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi, Italia Brand Group), followed by finance in TradingLab (Gruppo UniCredit) as Head of Communication and Customer Service, then retail banking in UniCredit Banca and Banca di Roma as Director of Communications and e-Banking Services. He returned to investment banking in ABN AMRO and RBS, then in fintech with Epic SIM. Architecture, Fortitudo, molecular cuisine, real estate, Juventus, hospitality and family are his passion in a strictly inverted order.

Filippo Trocca
Chief Data Intelligence Officer

Filippo Trocca

After working client-site in Staples between Italy, France, Netherlands and United States, returns to Italy in 2016 to work in consultancy as iProspect’s head of specialists team inside the Dentsu Aegis Network. Passionate about the gelato artigianale, he is able to taste it even at -15 degrees. He says that in order to burn that big amount of ice-cream calories, he often goes running and boasts about his past as 400m runner in his youth days.

We are a team that think about data and not about opinions.

Over 35 people based in Milan, Rome and Cagliari with strong experience in the digital technologies field and united by a shared, solid data-driven methodology.

We work minute-by-minute to make sure that things happen in a set time.

We interpret data and develop machine-learning algorythms based on the most advanced cloud technologies.

At 3rdPLACE work:
· data scientists
· data analysts
· data designers
· digital experts
· software developers
· customer-service managers

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We will help you adopt a data-driven approach to your business.

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Ci hai conosciuti come 3rdPlace e/o FinScience. Ci fa piacere annunciare oggi la nascita di Datrix, la nuova società che integra ed esalta le abilità, le competenze, le esperienze e le soluzioni delle nostre tech company data-driven già esistenti e permanenti e di altre che presto si aggiungeranno. Ecco qui sopra i nostri nuovi loghi, disegnati per comunicare al meglio il nostro ecosistema e la nostra comune origine e filosofia.
Lavoriamo infatti per essere il punto di riferimento nel mondo della Digital & Fintech Data Disruption attraverso:

  • lo sviluppo diretto di tecnologia, soluzioni e servizi basati sull’Intelligenza Artificiale, laddove questa è intesa non con un ruolo sostitutivo, ma di acceleratore dell’intelligenza umana (AI come Augmented Intelligence),
  • l’acquisizione strategica di realtà già presenti sul mercato, secondo una logica di inclusione, riconoscendo, rispettando, apprezzando e facendo leva sulle differenze in modo da ampliare le nostre prospettive e contribuire a distinguerci.