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The AI Models Company of Datrix Group

We make hard things easy by working with data

3rdPlace is the AI Models Company of Datrix, founded in 2010 by ex senior manager from Google, and we work on Human Empowerment through Artificial Intelligence.

We combine mathematical modeling, multidisciplinary skills and technology, to extract knowledge from data and drive business decisions in order to generate the best value for companies.

3rdPlace is third dimension between the obvious and the chaos, a place where you can describe phenomena and processes through the relationship of their data.

Our tema integrates interdisciplinary skills, passion for numbers and a continuous search for challenges.

We are the AI Hub of Datrix Group, where our data scientists create and consolidate our data-driven software solutions based on AI.

The vertical companies of Datrix – FinScienceByTek, PaperLit and Adapex – bring them to market.

What can we do together?

We will help you adopt a data-driven approach to your business.