Method scalability


Tracking Check

3rdPLACE help its clients assessing data collection enviroments, checking the settings of tracking softwares and suggesting the best data collection strategy.

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Do you trust your current standard tracking method?


Internal Data Intelligence (I.D.I.)

Clients have access to a huge amount of data that sometimes don't know how to analyse, coming from CRM, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, iTunes Connect, etc...

3rdPLACE helps structuring data, tailoring them for the clients’ business, so that it becomes easy to draw useful actions and improve KPIs.

Internal Digital Intelligence is performed by a team of data analysts that cooperate synergically with the marketing team and the research and development team.

Increasing data reliability, means improving business decisions reliability


External Data Intelligence (E.D.I.)

Volume, speed and variety of data produced online (that lie out site the client’s property) is impressive.

It is nonetheless possible to extract informations from these data that are mostly unstructured and are located on different platforms.

3rdPLACE offers benchmarking studies, analysis of trends and conversations online to discover useful business insights (launch support, product/Service distribution and promotion, reputation management, influencer identification, etc.)

More Delivery Areas

3rdPLACE also support its clients over time with the following activities: training, google analytics consultancy, digital properties optimizations (usability), advertising campaign optimizations, SEO/DAO optimization.

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