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An incredible amounts of data sources, inside and outside the company, structured and unstructured, that grow at an astounding speed, often with no control.

Understanding the context is just the first step toward extracting value. It takes a great mix of expertise, technology and methodology to get there. Using Artificial Intelligence.


Internal (CRM, Website, Facebook Business page, …) and external (competitor social profiles, Open Data, …) data.

Structured data (10%)
Non structured data (90%).

Source: IDC 2012


What happens online every 60 seconds:

2 million Google searches, 2460 Facebook posts, 278000 tweets, 83 thousand dollars spent on Amazon, …

Fonte: Business Insider 2012


2012, 2.837 Data exabytes
1,8 millions of gigabytes of informations about you, 4,1 millions about your business.

2020, 40,026 Data exabytes expected

Source: IDC 2012


1 business leader out of 3 doesn’t trust the informations he uses to take decisions.

Data low quality can cost up to 3.1 trillion dollars.

Soruce: IBM mercato US 2012


Companies that constantly analyze their data and data from external conversations gain great value

Today, solid results for productivity and sells have been registered in all fields, thanks to this approach.

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Crescita di produttività e vendite in ogni industry.
Fonte: University of Texas, Austin – mercato US, 2012

Digital goals depending on Business goals.

From the right tracking to business actions.

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